Kindesentwicklung und deren Störungen

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Kindesentwicklung und deren Störungen
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Little is said about treating children with acupuncture according to the philosophy of Stems and Branches. My knowledge on this subject is based on what I have learned from Dr. van Buren, who passed away in May 2003, and the personal experience I have from treating children for more than 25 years.  The sequence and development of the Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches mirrors the development described by embryological physiology. Their meaning and interrelationships give a deeper insight into the growth of children, both physiological and psychological, and provide a valuable framework within which to understand what is happening to them and how to treat them. In this seminar an introduction in Stems and Branches will be given and we will study the theory of paediatrics based on the sequence and meaning of the Stems and Branches, as well as on the embryological and childhood development (also with the focus on the five spiritual sources), as foundation for later development. The practical consequences will be emphasized by means of syndromes like ADHD. The aim of this course is to acquire tools for treating children, tools to support the natural development of children and tools for treatment in general.

Joan Duveen
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Classical Constitutional Acupuncture Typologies of 10 Stems/12 branches, 6 divisions and clinical use Themen: Behandlungsarten:
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Kindesentwicklung und deren Störungen Themen: Behandlungsarten:
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