Forschung über Chinesische Arzneimitteltherapie in Australien

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Forschung über Chinesische Arzneimitteltherapie in Australien
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Alan Bensoussan

Prof. Alan Bensoussan is Director of the Australian National Institute of Complementary Medicine and Foundation Director of the Centre for Complementary Medicine Research at the University of Western Sydney. He is an active researcher with a clinical practice background of over 25 years in CM. He is Chair of the Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicines of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and served on the National Medicines Policy Committee (2008-11). He also serves with the Singapore Health Sciences Authority Expert Panel for Herbal Medicines and has served frequently as a consultant in traditional medicine to the WHO. He has published two books including a review of acupuncture research (1990) and a major government report on the practice of TCM in Australia (1996), which led to national regulation of CM practitioners in Australia in 2012 – the first western nation to do so. His work has also contributed to the development of clinical trial protocols for CM. He has forged a broad network of links with national and international organisations within government and industry, including major collaborative research projects with key institutions in China. Prof. Bensoussan recently received the prestigious International Award for Contribution to CM. This award is the only world-wide prize in CM awarded by the Chinese Government. Three prizes were awarded in 2013 and he was the only recipient based outside the People’s Republic of China.


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